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College and Career Readiness

Unlocking Our Students' Potential One Step at a Time 

Burton believes in the potential of every child and provides opportunities to explore that potential at every step along their educational journey.

See how students in the Early College Academy at Summit High School reach their dream of a college degree in high school.
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A Team of Educators Dedicated to the Future of Burton Students

At Burton, we are dedicated to providing exposure and resources for college and career to our students and their families.  Support for college and career begins in early elementary and strategic steps are taken to show students options they have for their future.

Do you have questions about the options that Burton has to offer students for college and career?  Use this website to find resources or contact us using the button below.

Traits of a Young Professional

Cute Girl

Responsible and Ethical Decision Maker

Solving Math Problem

Adaptable and Productive Problem Solver

Printing Creative Objects

Creative and Adaptable Learner

Girls Building Robot

Digitally Literate Citizen

Families Communicating Via Video Calls

Skilled Communicator & Collaborator


California College Guidance Initiative

CCGI provides valuable tools for our students to begin to explore options for college and career based off of interest.  It also provides tools for college applications, building resumes, and applying for scholarships and financial aid.

See what CCGI is and how it helps each of our Burton students

Our Students

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“Having to research our career has motivated me to try harder to learn more and focus in class.  It is fun to think about my future.”



“Being exposed to possible careers has allowed me to see which jobs and careers I would like to consider.  I understand that it is best to plan ahead so you don't end up choosing the wrong career.”



“Having the opportunity to get a jump start on my education has developed my independence and made me more prepared for the future.”


College & Career News at Burton

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