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Middle School

Students attending middle school at Burton School District are provided many opportunities to explore their personal interests and skills.


Summit Charter Intermediate Academy

Burton Middle School


During middle school, our school sites support students' exposure to post secondary education, experiences, and expectations.


A middle school student at Burton is provided opportunities to explore their personal interests and skills while gaining knowledge of possible career options.

Here are just a few of opportunities every middle school student at Burton participates in to prepare for high school and beyond:

Campus Tours

College campus tours are planned each year for our middle school students so that they are able to see what college life could be like for them.

Campus visits include CSUB, Fresno State as well as virtual visits to other colleges/universities

Support in the Transition to High School

Our middle school counselors are available to students throughout the year to help prepare students for high school.

Students will be a part of whole group, small group, and individual conversations led by the middle school counselors.

Career Profiler

Our counselors help our students take a career profiler to identify and explore careers of interest to the student

6th Grade: complete the profiler

7th Grade: revisit and update career list



Being exposed to possible careers has allowed me to see which jobs and careers I would like to consider.  I understand that is is best to plan ahead so you don't end up choosing the wrong career.



"SCIA provides us with many college and career activities. Though college presentations, I have been able to get information on my college options and the steps needed to earn a degree for my future career. We have also had opportunities in our classes that have helped prepare us for the real world."



"SCIA prepares us for our future in college because they provide us with resources like college Tuesdays, college campus tours, and online websites informing us of our college choices. SCIA provides us with the resources but it's up to us to use these resources to pursue our dreams of going to college in the future."


How to set up Aeries parent portal and be able to check current grades

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How to connect to the Canvas to see assignments given and completed

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Everything you need to know about GPA and why it is important in Middle School

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Report Cards

What to expect with the transition from elementary report cards to middle school report cards

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Visit our College and Career Ready Resource Page to Find Out More Information to Prepare for the Future Beyond Middle School

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